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Since 1949, WES CONSTRUCTION CORP. has earned an enviable reputation in the construction industry for its quality of work.  Its thorough, energetic and highly successful completion of various projects for many public and private clients has in no small way contributed to this well-deserved reputation.  WES Construction implements a team approach by understanding our client’s interests and by closely working with the designers to respond to complex issues so they can be resolved successfully resulting in the completion of a project on time and within budget.

WES can provide a full range of project planning and construction management services that can be customized to specific project requirements.  Our group of professionals can provide pre-construction planning, project management and contracting services to realize a client’s desires.  WES’ dedicated supervisors will oversee a project right through construction, commissioning, and closeout.

As a member of Construction Industries of Massachusetts (CIM), Associated General Contractors (ACG), and the Utility Contractors of New England (UCANE), we are signatory to many union agreements and enjoy excellent relations with the union management.  Therefore, we have at our disposal a vast pool of experienced and highly qualified workers that the union trades provide.

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